Est 2014


Cold Canapes:

(Minimum Order 10 serves per item) Price Per Item


Smoked salmon canapes $3.50 (Minimum of 10)

Mini fresh chicken salad rolls on brioche $5.00

Bruschetta with fresh basil, finely diced tomato and red onion on crusty baguette $3.50

Rare beef crostini with herbed mayo $3.00

Blue cheese and pear pikelets $2.50

Reuben Sandwich Sliders: Lightly Peppered Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Russian Mayo and American Cheddar on Brioche Sliders $5.00

Cold mini soba noodle salad with pulled poached chicken, soba noodles, sesame, thin slices of apple, sesame and ponzu dressing $5.00

Corn fritters with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill $3.00

Prosciutto and blue cheese crostini $3.50

Antipasto Veggie Skewers $3.50


Hot Canapes:

(Minimum Order 10 serves per item) Price Per Item


Marinated chicken skewers $4.00

Mini cheeseburgers with house made beef patty, dijon musard, tomato ketchup, pickle, finely diced onion and tasty cheese $5.00

Crumbed chicken pieces with smokey chipotle mayo $3.50

Satay beef skewer $4.00

House made pumpkin arancini balls with basil aioli $3.00

Meatballs with house made rich napoli and crusty baguette $6.00

Pulled pork sliders: house made smokey pulled pork, crunchy slaw and wasabi mayo on brioche sliders $5.00

Stuffed mushrooms with bacon and cheese, finished with crispy breadcrumbs $2.50

Stuffed mushrooms with ricotta and spinach, finished with crispy breadcrumbs $2.50

Crispy house made falafel with golden hummus $2.00

Mini falafel slider with crispy house made falafel, roast capsicum, spinach and golden turmeric hummus $5.00